Sunday, February 7, 2010


Mr. Martinho Faria of vancouver b.c, a independent Portuguese wine maker of a unique blend of different kinds of wine making grapes, giving his wine a constant family generational quality to it's taste. In 1974 Mr. Martinho Faria was handed down the wine making recipe from his Portugal lineage, thus giving Martintho Faria's family a over 30 years of a robust enjoyable tasteful wine, made by Martinho personally.

Mr. Martinho Faria, has recently relocated to surrey b.c in 2003- where he still continues mixing his blends of grapes into wine according to his proportional recipe, that was handed down to Martinho faria from his family kin, a family of portuguese winemakers that's been around for many generations.

To learn more about the friendly winemaker Mr. Martinho Faria

Contract Mr. Martinho Faria Personally; call him at home where he also doses his wine-making

Preferable call around business hours.

Phone 604-690-3430

10977 Hadden Road Surrey B.C Canada

Warning Guard Dog on the Premises of Mr. Faria's abode.

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